Chapter 4 of Scout: An Apocalypse Story has been released! You have found the  People Across the Orange Plains. What will you do now?

This story is at about 60,000+  words thus far. I am planning for it to be 10 chapters, 100,000+ words upon completion (probably closer to 150,000 at this point). 

Next chapter? I'm estimating about one month. If you follow me on Tumblr, you'll know that my personal life has absolutely exploded recently. I'm a one woman team, so I've been on the back foot the past few months. Thank you all for your patience!

Issues with saves?  Twine has a cache-based save system that I’m still trying to work around. If you’ve cleared your cache, cleared your cookies, have certain browser extensions, are using a different browser, are using a different device, etc. – you will not be able to access your old saves

But my saves are acting weird even if I haven’t cleared my cache: message me! Preferably on Tumblr or email. Letting me know what browser and version would be great to help troubleshoot. 

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It has been over a decade since a worldwide natural disaster obliterated the natural planet and decimated human civilization. There are small groups of humans still alive, fending for themselves, trying to create communities amongst the rubble. 

You are a 24-year old scout living in a small community on the edge of the Orange Plains. You lost your mother and your sister before finding your way here. You are primarily an academic, and you put your skills to use on regular scouting missions. With your best friend and your scouting team leader in tow, your small group is a pillar of the Community. 

On your first scouting mission of the hot season, you meet the leader of the People Across the Orange Plains. Will you break from the Community you have known your whole life? Ask a romantic partner to join you? Discover secrets that your own people have been hiding? Become a leader yourself? 


Choose your name, pronouns, appearance, and scouting team position. Choices you make throughout the story will affect your standing in the community, your relationships, and significant plot points. This is primarily a romance game. 

Romance Options

There are 4 romance options in this game: Two male, one female, and one you can choose between M/F. 

Elle/Ezra Taylor: Your best friend and another member of your scouting team. Charming and intuitive to your every feeling. You two have been inseparable ever since you both arrived to the Community around the same time. Recently, you are worried about losing your best friend to this new tension that seems to be developing between you both. 

Oliver Shen: The leader of your scouting team. Impossible to impress. Easy to annoy. He has absurdly high standards for your scouting team and is constantly on your back. You enjoy openly challenging him on a regular basis. Oliver is intimidating, and you’ve never quite gotten along, but there are signs that he values you more than you initially realize. 

Sabine Langford: A new addition to your scouting team. She is your replacement when you are put on probation. Sabine is a rule follower and abhors any risk-taking behavior from your team. You resent the addition of a fourth team member, especially one that seems to constantly be reprimanding you or getting in your way. But, when you’re in trouble, she always seems to be there. She has been paying attention to you. 

Gage ??: Leader of another civilization group across the plains. You’ve run into each other briefly before on other scouting missions, and it has never ended well. He has shown a keen interest in you, and not only for your scouting skills. Gage intrigues you – he is from across the plains and could show you a completely different way of living through this apocalypse. If you’ll let him. 

Content Warnings

Violence, language, sexual content. 

StatusOn hold
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(1,342 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withTwine
TagsDating Sim, Female Protagonist, LGBT, Male protagonist, Otome, Post-apocalyptic, Romance, Story Rich, Text based
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsMouse, Smartphone


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haven't replayed in over two years but I still think about this game at least once a week. gage, ezra,, ollie, sabine, they all are missed <33

does anyone know if this has been abandoned? ty!

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I would say more than likely unfortunately


i love this


Ezra... I miss you so dearly. T_T


need more


need more


Show yourself scout fans and rise to the hope of the game's continuing!


Hope Anya is doing alright~ this story still lives rent free in my mind


It's so heartwarming to see that the community here is still active even after years <3. I don't know if Scout will ever be completed but it'll always be my favorite IF. And I really really hope that the author is okay either way.


Honestly this was the thing that got me into IFs. It’s just a wonderful story and even now after years, I just keep on coming back here.


Ko fi still active lol

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"Scouts will not be unfinished, but it will be paused." 


my honest reaction

I wonder for how long :(


this story literally changed my life. i love it so much and i still have hope itll continue, its the best story ive ever read, i miss it so much :(


The amount of IF's that I fell in love with that discontinued literally killed my reading hobby. I don't know if I'll enjoy reading these things anymore. 


That being said, take care of yourself author. I don't know what happened, but I hope all is well.  Thank you for introducing us to these characters and this world <3 have a good life!


THIS. An author should put their life and health above all, but at least, they could say goodbye


Wait, no....I need closure T-T


Bro forgot about their own game 💀

real talk tho i loved scout and i hope it comes back. if it ever does lol


Oh,'s been some time since we've seen you 😭 


Here for my annual check in and to say I hope the author is well and will have a great 2024!🫡

I still think about this story aaaall the time.




omg this game is so good !!! :”D  i hope to see more of it one day 


Someone please make a fan ending




I miss you every day scout </3 


Can someone make a "fan ending"?


omg i would love to see tha


Been 2 years since you stepped on. Hope you're well. It's normal to take an author's break but still. MC is pretty well fleshed out as well as the cast for the most part, I'm really looking forward to continue this one day.


No matter where I wander... I somehow always end up back here. :(


Happy 2024 and beyond fellow Scout lovers stuck in the "I'll just check in one more time, I swear... heh..." loop. ;)


missing oliver so bad rn


I don't know if I can continue waiting. :(


Im Team Oliver. Change my mind. 


Gage is such a sweetie u CANNOT sit here and say Oliver after gazing upon the absolute HUNK that is Gage. 


xD I'm biased because I have an Australian guy in my own personal book named Oliver and he's like the main protag/ love interest to the other protag, Iris...  Sooo... Can't really trust my opinion, lol.


You really thought you could drop the greatest IF of all times and disappear and we wouldn't notice, author?


Its terrible. I am so obsessed. On another Level! I need this story to continue. 


i want to believe

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(2 edits) (+6)





Made up my mind, Going with ezra when this gets updated >:D


Still coping to this day



(1 edit) (+7)

I believeeeeeeeee

∠( ᐛ 」∠)_


Anya hasn't given up this project so I won't either!! Along for the rideeee


im way too invested in this IF, hoping Anya is doing alright (;_:)


I'm still torn between Oliver and Ezra lol- I might just redo the whole thing once this gets an update. 


but what about gage 


Nah. He's a jerk. 

WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT DO U MEANNNN HES A TOTAL SWEETIE!!!!! IF U SAVE HIM HE CUTELY SLEEPS OUTSIDE UR DOOR WELL U HAVE A PANIC ATTACK!!! Oliver would prob be smoking in the corner and Ezra would be off being goofy! Gage comforts u even though u bit him!! HE EVEN SHOWS U AROUND WITHA GOOFY GRIN!! husband material. 


... All things considered, Oliver IS a little sketchy. And... Ezra... IS ADORABLE! Idk, Gage's ego just hits me the wrong way. AAHHHH BUT THEN AGAIN you're right about the goofy grin- AHHHH the decisions....

THE GOOFY GRIN IS WHAT DRAGGED ME IN!!!!!!!!!! bro is in my dreams i swear.


Aaaayyyee fellow sufferers in the comments!


We shall share our suspense and agony together.  TwT


Man... it's been two years. Wow. This game has always sat in the back of my mind, and was one of the first textbased games I played, and overall got me into them. Yet here it sits on Itch... without having been updated in two years. Here's to holding out hope one day it will have an ending.


2-2..2 YEARS?!?!?!?!??! I'm gonna cry and then kms. I'm gonna cry harder then the mc having a panic attack after getting kidnapped well Gage sleeps outside there door..


i saw pause and immediately knew it was over forever


Imagine have supported her on ko fi. Nice one

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