Chapter 4 of Scout: An Apocalypse Story has been released! You have found the  People Across the Orange Plains. What will you do now?

This story is at about 60,000+  words thus far. I am planning for it to be 10 chapters, 100,000+ words upon completion (probably closer to 150,000 at this point). 

Next chapter? I'm estimating about one month. If you follow me on Tumblr, you'll know that my personal life has absolutely exploded recently. I'm a one woman team, so I've been on the back foot the past few months. Thank you all for your patience!

Issues with saves?  Twine has a cache-based save system that I’m still trying to work around. If you’ve cleared your cache, cleared your cookies, have certain browser extensions, are using a different browser, are using a different device, etc. – you will not be able to access your old saves

But my saves are acting weird even if I haven’t cleared my cache: message me! Preferably on Tumblr or email. Letting me know what browser and version would be great to help troubleshoot. 

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It has been over a decade since a worldwide natural disaster obliterated the natural planet and decimated human civilization. There are small groups of humans still alive, fending for themselves, trying to create communities amongst the rubble. 

You are a 24-year old scout living in a small community on the edge of the Orange Plains. You lost your mother and your sister before finding your way here. You are primarily an academic, and you put your skills to use on regular scouting missions. With your best friend and your scouting team leader in tow, your small group is a pillar of the Community. 

On your first scouting mission of the hot season, you meet the leader of the People Across the Orange Plains. Will you break from the Community you have known your whole life? Ask a romantic partner to join you? Discover secrets that your own people have been hiding? Become a leader yourself? 


Choose your name, pronouns, appearance, and scouting team position. Choices you make throughout the story will affect your standing in the community, your relationships, and significant plot points. This is primarily a romance game. 

Romance Options

There are 4 romance options in this game: Two male, one female, and one you can choose between M/F. 

Elle/Ezra Taylor: Your best friend and another member of your scouting team. Charming and intuitive to your every feeling. You two have been inseparable ever since you both arrived to the Community around the same time. Recently, you are worried about losing your best friend to this new tension that seems to be developing between you both. 

Oliver Shen: The leader of your scouting team. Impossible to impress. Easy to annoy. He has absurdly high standards for your scouting team and is constantly on your back. You enjoy openly challenging him on a regular basis. Oliver is intimidating, and you’ve never quite gotten along, but there are signs that he values you more than you initially realize. 

Sabine Langford: A new addition to your scouting team. She is your replacement when you are put on probation. Sabine is a rule follower and abhors any risk-taking behavior from your team. You resent the addition of a fourth team member, especially one that seems to constantly be reprimanding you or getting in your way. But, when you’re in trouble, she always seems to be there. She has been paying attention to you. 

Gage ??: Leader of another civilization group across the plains. You’ve run into each other briefly before on other scouting missions, and it has never ended well. He has shown a keen interest in you, and not only for your scouting skills. Gage intrigues you – he is from across the plains and could show you a completely different way of living through this apocalypse. If you’ll let him. 

Content Warnings

Violence, language, sexual content. 


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I loved it. I can't wait for the following chapters to come and I just adore how much work was put into this. All the characters were charming in their own right and I still find myself remembering their names whenever I think back to the story. The main character (our character) was actually really good and smart. I found myself rooting for them and I fell in love with their personality. Of course, we choose most of the personalities and traits but it's really how the writer wrote them that made them this amazing. Elle Taylor was my jam but all the other love interests were interesting too! I found myself being swayed by Oliver, Sabine, and Gage every scene or so–they were amazing characters! And the world building, gosh, I want to see more of that. So many things to explore in this world that I wish we can do so much more with it.

All-in-all, definitely a 10/10 for me. If you're thinking of playing this game, play it. There will be no regrets I assure you!

Almost passed up on playing this and I am very, very glad I did not. I am totally swept away by the story, the characters, the writing, and the world. Gosh I'd love to see more of the world and I can't wait to see how the choices impact the world eventually. Great work!

On a side note: I'm a sucker for the childhood sweetheart trope so thanks for that. Ezra is so adorable and I can't wait to find out how their relationship develops. Honorable mention goes to that one scene with Oliver (y'all know which one).


This demo is just phenomenal. Your writing style is so engaging and real, I could picture and feel every moment of this story. The characters are beautifully crafted. Can't wait for more!


I rarley like these games and I usually am very picky about what I read but this was amazing, I loved the music, and the story and writing style, and the choices felt very important, i had lots of reactions to it too and it was easy to image it in my head, so overall this was super good


I am speechless and I want more. I love the music, I love the choices, I love that it feels like my choices actually carry meaning to how the story plays out. I am so excited for multiple play-throughs of this.


You have done absolutely incredibly with this game/story; my choices feel like they have weight, the story is so engaging, I can be a HISTORIAN (that is so cool, history is epic), and, best of all, I can have a gay love story with best friend Ezra! I feel bad in a way since I'll never know how any of the other love interests' stories play out, but I love Ezra too much to let go of him hahaha

You write in a way that holds my attention so well, and the music? Fantastic, simply fantastic. I am excited to see how the story plays out, and I thank you for providing this incredible story!


This is SUCH an amazing story. I am absolutely in love with the world and characters, I find myself craving to know more! I'm so grateful I came across this story!

Do you have any books you've written? I would LOVE to read anything else you've written. You're an OUTSTANDING storyteller and have so easily captured my attention and deep interest in a way that very very few other authors have. 

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 I need more xD 

The story was very interesting! I loved the way the words pulled me in; couldn't believe I had reached the end >-> 

 Will be playing many times for diff routes and diff ROs (can't choose between Ezra, Oliver or Gage >///<  Will be waiting for...more intimate scenes :>) 


Holy shit this is amazing! All of the love interests are so lovable and the story is so interesting :0


This is so good!! Just phenomenal writing and storytelling, I'm so attached to every character in this story. Excited to read more whenever it's ready!



.......... I can't wait for the next chapter.


This is so good! AND WOW Erza is just-

This is amazingggg plsss i cant wait for chapter 5 !!!


 I can't wait until chapter 5 is released! Also, do you have a website or app that you used to make this? I'm very inspired to make my own interactive story but unfortunately don't know what website/app is best to make it with. Anything can help thank you!

not the game creator, but i'm positive they used twine. there's no coding experience needed to get started with twine btw, though there are some complicated bits associated with stats systems, chance cards, etc, so it's probably advised to have some before digging into complex territory!

i would recommend choicescript, also, which requires you to code; though choicescript as a language is very easy to grasp with the help of online guides.

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Holy cow, This is better than I expected. Can't wait for Chapter 5! Also Elle FOR LIFE!!


I lost all my saves in this game- *sob*


I really recommend anyone reading this to try this story. I wasn't expecting it to be so well written. The narrative is both detailed and flowy. I really appreciate how the author can describe this hopeless situation in a way that makes you feel just like a person who has been living like this for years. When I read stories in this genre, often I think they are too focused on despair and terror, or too nonchalant and abrasive. This was such a perfect balance.

The characters feel realistic and humane. I enjoy how the story takes its time, slowly building the emotional (and physical) tension between the characters. All the love interests had their appeal, while also feeling like real people. The secondary characters were just as interesting. The plot evolves in a flowy manner like I've said before, I read all available chapters in one go, without even realizing it.

I want to thank the author for writing this, the past few hours were really enjoyable. 


i really  really like this story! being able to chose things about your scout makes it really immersive and open to diversity. i am very excited for the next chapter, best of luck!


what a great story so far!! can't wait for the next chapter :)


um, am I the only one who lost their saves? I checked like 2 weeks ago if there was a new chapter and it had my saved load and I came back to check now and it's gone? is this a new bug?

Same I noticed a week ago 


This is fantastic! Thank you so much!!!!


Just finished it and I've enjoyed it so far! A brilliant game, I can only say. I can't wait for Chapter 5!

But can anyone tell me where's the author and is she okay 0_0 'cause the game said the next chapter is estimated to come out in a month, but it's been 4 months now...And I can't visit Tumblr because of some, well, region reasons.


the author (as far as i know) is fine, her latest post was 4 days ago. the chapter's 25% done btw :)


Oh! Thanks, that's a relief to know :D Then I'm all good, I'll just wait for chap 5 :)

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no problem, feel free to reply to this whenever you want updates and ill go check her tumblr out /gen /pos

I also can't visit Tumblr for region reasons. I don't know if you are interested, but there is a program called "TunnelBear" that will let you get around it. It is free if you don't use it too much. Just FYI.

Ah that'd be nice :) thanks, I'll try that when I have time ^_^

It is pretty easy to use, but if you can't get it working, feel free to contact me, and I'll help.

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Wow, I'm speechless, this game has better writing and characters than many AAA games I've played, Anya your writing is amazing and the world is very interesting, can't wait for chapter five!


This game is beautiful! Chapter 5 will rock!


Amaziiiing! Can't wait for chapter 5 and beyond! Love this so much!


Does anybody know similar games which are completed?


I'm sorry but I'm simping for everyone rn and I've only just started. GAWD BUT EZRA.... jesus christ im SINNING. im in LOVE with everything rn and im mega picky 


you are not alone


simping for ezra i see? another intellectual


ezra superiority


YASSSSSSSSSSSSSS like my baby Ezra is just aughhhhhhh


i believe in Ezra Superiority


Ezra has completely overtaken my heart and I may never again recover tbh like.... CAN I JUST HAVE HIM PLEASE. 


LITERALLY!!!!I love him with all my heart like aughhhhh i need more scenes with the both of them

Just thinking about how much he must be freaking out when MC goes missing, the ANGST... D:

just finished cant wait for the new chapter bestie:)


pfttt I love us were too funny


god oliver is too hot im gonna to oliver first then ezra cause he's adorable


this was very hard for me to choose im simping for everyone its hurting me to choose 


Okay, so far I only played Oliver's route first because,       abs and tattoo. I really like the plot, a bit cliche at some parts but overall unique and original. I really hope that there would be more choices to alternate the future but we're still on a few chapters. I wish you could make a discord server but I understand if you don't want to. Best luck with coding and writing the story!! 

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all hail hot Oliver


ezra is best boy and ill fight any of you abt it


i have so many gay feelings abt ezra oh man


i am so so so deeply fucking invested now oh my god


This is one of the best IF story I've read here. I really like the characters especially Ezra, he's so adorable ;___;


Man, this is awesome

and the fact we can Name ourselves? yes.

Igot Demboobies... Ye

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