Chapter 4 of Scout: An Apocalypse Story has been released! You have found the  People Across the Orange Plains. What will you do now?

This story is at about 60,000+  words thus far. I am planning for it to be 10 chapters, 100,000+ words upon completion (probably closer to 150,000 at this point). 

Next chapter? I'm estimating about one month. If you follow me on Tumblr, you'll know that my personal life has absolutely exploded recently. I'm a one woman team, so I've been on the back foot the past few months. Thank you all for your patience!

Issues with saves?  Twine has a cache-based save system that I’m still trying to work around. If you’ve cleared your cache, cleared your cookies, have certain browser extensions, are using a different browser, are using a different device, etc. – you will not be able to access your old saves

But my saves are acting weird even if I haven’t cleared my cache: message me! Preferably on Tumblr or email. Letting me know what browser and version would be great to help troubleshoot. 

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It has been over a decade since a worldwide natural disaster obliterated the natural planet and decimated human civilization. There are small groups of humans still alive, fending for themselves, trying to create communities amongst the rubble. 

You are a 24-year old scout living in a small community on the edge of the Orange Plains. You lost your mother and your sister before finding your way here. You are primarily an academic, and you put your skills to use on regular scouting missions. With your best friend and your scouting team leader in tow, your small group is a pillar of the Community. 

On your first scouting mission of the hot season, you meet the leader of the People Across the Orange Plains. Will you break from the Community you have known your whole life? Ask a romantic partner to join you? Discover secrets that your own people have been hiding? Become a leader yourself? 


Choose your name, pronouns, appearance, and scouting team position. Choices you make throughout the story will affect your standing in the community, your relationships, and significant plot points. This is primarily a romance game. 

Romance Options

There are 4 romance options in this game: Two male, one female, and one you can choose between M/F. 

Elle/Ezra Taylor: Your best friend and another member of your scouting team. Charming and intuitive to your every feeling. You two have been inseparable ever since you both arrived to the Community around the same time. Recently, you are worried about losing your best friend to this new tension that seems to be developing between you both. 

Oliver Shen: The leader of your scouting team. Impossible to impress. Easy to annoy. He has absurdly high standards for your scouting team and is constantly on your back. You enjoy openly challenging him on a regular basis. Oliver is intimidating, and you’ve never quite gotten along, but there are signs that he values you more than you initially realize. 

Sabine Langford: A new addition to your scouting team. She is your replacement when you are put on probation. Sabine is a rule follower and abhors any risk-taking behavior from your team. You resent the addition of a fourth team member, especially one that seems to constantly be reprimanding you or getting in your way. But, when you’re in trouble, she always seems to be there. She has been paying attention to you. 

Gage ??: Leader of another civilization group across the plains. You’ve run into each other briefly before on other scouting missions, and it has never ended well. He has shown a keen interest in you, and not only for your scouting skills. Gage intrigues you – he is from across the plains and could show you a completely different way of living through this apocalypse. If you’ll let him. 

Content Warnings

Violence, language, sexual content. 

StatusOn hold
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(1,045 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withTwine
TagsDating Sim, Female Protagonist, LGBT, Male protagonist, Otome, Post-apocalyptic, Romance, Story Rich, Text based
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsMouse, Smartphone


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This story has me HOOKED. I can't wait for chapter 5!


Hope you are doing well, and that we will see more scout someday :)


frothing at the mouth while praying for this to update; can I send money to make this happen?? Dude, we will do anything to have a properly fleshed out story like this. I am obsessed; can’t wait for more!!!!


I've heard so many good things about this game, so I had to try it out. I do not regret it. Though I want it to be continued, I hope the creator of this game is okay and doing well. Whenever, or if you return, we'll all be here! Monthly check in :1.


erza i love you sm<3


i knew this had not been updated on over a year when i started it but i thought i would give it a go anyway.... that was a mistake. now i'm obsessed and its likely this will never be finished. i hope the creator is doing alright. 

sameeeeeeeeee :<<


Monthly checkin

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I can see why so many people wish for this to be continued and finished someday! The plot, world, and characters are so interesting and it feels like you'll be suck right in. The thing I appreciate the most is how there isn't large walls of words that overwhelms the reader because that is one of the things that make me unfortunately too tired and cross-eyed to read it, I would just skim through it and miss important parts of the story. So it's amazing how your way of storytelling is enough and still have depth.
Many stories tries to explain everything in depth in order to set the scene and help the reader's imagination but sometimes it gets to the point where it's too much.

As of right now, I have only played E's route and may I say that they have my heart. Maybe it's just me but I will always be a sucker for the bestfriend route even if EVERY story has it, I am contractually bound to do every bestfriend route. 
Honestly, E is home to MC and maybe vice-versa as well. It's like a game of tug of war. You can feel the push and pull between them, yet it's never too hard to the point that either of them crosses the line AND I'M ON MY TOES. THIS ISN'T WHAT FRIENDS DO.

Anyways I love this and I hope you're doing well. It's always to sad to see no matter what kind of story being on hiatus but there is no rush and tomorrow is always uncertain.
This story will remain on hold but our lives will still continue. No time is too late. May we see chapter 10 together, someday.


This is an incredible work of art. You have such a way with words. I could feel myself trembling with each change in plot. This is genuinely the best story I have immersed myself in and I am not exaggerating in the slightest. I am enthralled. I don't know what it was about it that hit me so hard but whatever it was, you poured your soul into it, and I am grateful.


this game hasnt been updated for a year but the fact that it is still one of the first few results in romance rlly shows how good of a game this is


i dunno if there will be another chapter, but i think it's important to say that the writing for this is bloody beautiful and i had a great time going through it. i do hope there is more at some point but i also just want to read anything else Anya writes because this is fantastic prose and i really really enjoyed it. 


Its good. I like the Music too.


bro... I genuinely have a Grandpa Jones
This warmed my fucking heart Holy shit owie/pos


I really enjoyed playing this <3


Great game! I already in love!


The game is really awesome . Hope you are well wherever you are , and that you will come back soon.


I can't wait for updates! Hopefully life smoothens out for you so that you can update soon! 


this is amazing!!! can't wait for the new chapters!!!


Popped by to see if there was any updates today hehe, but hope Anya's doing better now! Love Scout and hoping to see it unpaused someday :D 


We all hope you're well! Scout means a lot to us already, regardless of if it ever gets finished or not. We wish you the best!


I really hope Anya is doing well too. Scout was the first IF that I played and therefore the one that introduced me to the wonderful world of this type of game ! It will always have a special place in my heart, completed or not <3


I hope the author is fine, but a least a little update on their conditions would have been the polite thing to do, after more than a year of nothing.


Just here to add to the well wishes for you, Anya! I hope you are well and okay! Your health and safety are the more important than anything else. 

I remember when I first found Scout and how much it has lived in my mind since. Both your characters and story are beautiful. No matter what happens, I am forever grateful for being able to read this captivating story. ❤

(1 edit) (+18)

Loved every single line of it, but now I regret reading it, I hate when I enjoy projects without realising they have been abandoned. Nevertheless, I hope the writer is doing well.


I hope this is not being abandoned, as the writer promised. As long as I'm alive I can wait :D till the day it gets updated again.


I hope you are doing great, author. Your story is excellent, and the characters are interesting. Thank you. <3

(3 edits) (+12)

Adding onto the pile of well-wishes given that today is the one-year anniversary of the project hiatus announcement over on Tumblr: if you're reading this, Anya, thank you for the memorable writing you've shared with us. <3 I hope you are safe and well, regardless of what that means in regards to the future of Scout. Personal life and health > posting free art online.


the fact that everyone in the comments is so concerned for the author is genuinely so sweet im gonna cry. we hope you're ok!!! an update for the game would be awesome but i think we really just wanna know if you're alright!!!


I played this game a while ago and found in again through one of the collections, I really hope the author is okay and this can maybe (hopefully) get picked up again. The writing was wonderful and the characters were all extremely well made. Author if you're reading this I hope you are okay!


I played Scout about a month ago, and still remember it vividly.
The characters are all amazing and the writing was so well done.
That being said, I really hope that the author is doing well, whether or not they intend to finish the game... 


It's been nearly a year without an update, hope the author is doing fine. What a shame this project is abandoned tho.


Hope the author is ok :(


I hope the author is doing fine...this is a masterpiece


Fell swiftly in love with this and with Ezra. I am crying and screaming that there is a current hiatus. Hope everything is okay in the author's life and that they will be able to pick this up again one day.


I, too, hope OP is doing okay ToT I very much love Scout but I'd like to know that the author is alright, since its been some time since has had an update for it


Hope the dev is doing well. Announced a hiatus in August 2021 and hasn't said a word since 😭😭


I know 😢 it's so sad because the story is amazing, and the writing 🖤 I really hope The author is doing alright.


this is absolutely amazing im so in love with Ezra i <33333333 i really hope you're okay author Anya!! idk whats going on but i hope you're happy and healthy KISSES TO YOUUUU<3


i really want to see the continuation of this story but i think it has been abandoned ;;;


I hope you are doing well and feeling well!


Hope the author is doing well! I still hold this story very dear to my heart. The setting and the characters are just so good. Even if it doesn't continue, I just hope the author is living their best life.


I'm really loving this! The characters and your way of writing are amazing. I'm looking forward to when the story is complete, thank you for your time and effort in creating this :) I hope that you're okay!

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