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The story and characters are lovely! I love the unique setting and rich story elements. Thank you for writing this. I'm excited to read more in the future!


I am excited to see how to story progresses. Great job author!

Hey, im trying to download the game but its oddly enough trying to go to an html document, and not a folder. Anyway to help with that?


Making  a game is hard, it takes work, coding, writing, and ideas.

They need breaks too, they also can get writers block.

It's normal for a developer to put something on hold to take a break, and have personal time.


im not the only one who is a bit more than mildly concerned for the developer, am I?


At this point I'm just hoping that she'll be okay.


Yeah... I don't mind waiting but she was decently active on tumblr before going radio silent. Hope she's alright.


Hey! Does anyone know if this game is still in development or has it been abandoned? I checked the dev's Tumblr and she said she'd be back with an update on the status in 3-4 months, but that was in August 2021


Looks to be abondoned by this point, over 1 year since hiatus and nothing here or Tumblr.

Devo... It's sad to say this seems to happens often with IFs :(


Hope you're doing alright, I wanted to let you know that we've mentioned it in our list of recommended Twine stories. But if that's not okay just let me know. You can view it here, let us know if there are any other details we should add for your title -->


Does anyone know her personal email address? I wanna contact her to provide translation help for this story.This perfect work deserves to be known by more people!

maybe try asking her on tumblr

She hasn't been on in a while, unfortunately. :< 


oh my god i love this i hope it is continued soon :)


Struggling the absolute urge to not make fanfiction of ezra


bro, please do, then link it to me lmao


link me to


If you do please send the link




✨totally not in love with oliver✨


yeah yeah I'm late, but can I just say, your content some of the best stuff I've played, and trust me, I've played A LOT. ❤️


What a wonderful story, I can't wait to read more. This format is really something, I'm thoroughly enjoying what you've put together here. Thank you!


As of right now, I hope you get lots of rest Anya! because this game really helped with my boredom - v - and I got 6 of my friends(Who are mega choose your own love story's people) and I can't wait for the next chapter :D 


Yep okay I'm in love with this game and Ezra


GODDD THIS IS SO COOL me and my friends all binge played this and are eagerly awaiting chapter 5!!! awesome game :):):)

I have to ask: what's the situation on this project? Is work in progress? Can we expect to wait a few months longer?

Or is this off? Just to be clear: I'm fine with either, though the latter would obviously be sad.


It says it's on hold apparently, so all we can do is wait :)


honestly this is one of my favourite text games i’ve ever played i cant wait for the next update


I got sucked into this story more then I thought I would
And this is one of the few text base games I can already tell that I'm going to do multiple playthroughs just because of how much I'm in love with all the LIs.
The world just draws you in and all the characters are wonderfully done.


I couldn't stop and played all the way through.  The story is engaging, and I love the characters!  I want to be with Ezra and Oliver and Gage, and it's so tough to decide between them.


in love with the writing and character

Soes anyone else's save as a Google HTML Doc? I played this a while back(in the browser) and I wanna play again because I'm in love with it(can't wait for chapter 5). Usually game files save as well....files on PC so I just wanted to ask

Yes i have the same thing that it saves as a Google HTML, I guess it's supposed to do that then.


MC: *Makes a comment about finding a woman attractive*

Me: *Confused gay noise*


Hey!how you doing? umm... it's been like 5 month since your last notice about not being able to update and over a year since last chapter.I just wanted to say I Hope you doing okay and the story isn't abandoned and please continue this amazing book.

The author has posted an update on their tumblr about the pause on this project unfortunately. But worry not, this project isn't abandoned. <3 Def go check out their post on tumblr to know more

Deleted post

Happens to me


Ahhhhh this was so so so good!!! I still want to go back and play through the other choices and romance options but this first time through was so good. I really like the characters and the world you've built. The conflict is interesting too and I'm really curious to see what happens next. Great job :)


I have one word:



I love this so much, I hope you'll continue this soon, but in the meantime take as much time as you need for a pause. Good job on the story it's beautiful <3


I just wanted to say that this game really helped me as a closeted transgender person. It gave me a chance to try out new pronouns and my preferred name! Thank you so much for that.

This is such a great story and I love how MC is written and the customization available. I felt like I could really make an MC that I could identify with. The characters are so great, like I've played twice and I always go for Gage but I love everyone so much.

I'm not usually into post-apocalyptic stories but this one really opened my eyes to the potential of the genre. The Community feels like a real place and feels very human. Everyone cares for each other so much and makes realistic decisions.

I just really love this game so far :D

(1 edit) (+3)

I just finished the most recent chapter and I love it so far! I actually kinda got tripped up by the fact the MC’s parents weren’t together, they had a little sister, and that their dad (probably) smoked. Wow, sounds kinda like my family ✌😩

Also love Ezra :3 I’m a big fan of the friend-lovers troupe and I always go that route for LI 👀 if not I go after people like Gage ngl.

But the fact that the MC barely changes clothes is me. I just wear the same plaid flannel, black jeans, and bandana every day 💀 Join my lumberjack gang were our dads smoke and we never change clothes.

Anyways, good luck on your game :3 I might make fanart for this game after I do fanart for another game. So be on the look out for me asking for an extremely detailed description of each character.

(Also- I choked on air when I read at the beginning that everyone thought the MC and Ezra were “fucking.,, I honestly didn’t expect that 💀)


I'm in love with the story!! and I love how you tell the story, I'm seriously in love with Ezra.


Holy cow, this story and its characters are amazing. I literally just stayed up til 5am playing this. Thanks so much for your hard work. Lots of love ❤


I have never gotten overly emotional playing these games but man you made me cry. I was sobbing at one point, it was so impactful so congratulations for moving my heart strings and making me super excited for more. Really loving what you have made so far and looking forward for more <3


not to be dramatic but I would literally die for every single one of these characters 😅 I hope you’re doing well and there will be another chapter soon! 💕


I'm not normally into post-apocalyptic stuff but I LOVE this story! I appreciate the character customization options!

Also really good job making unique but likeable characters. Everyone is so memorable and I'm way too invested in this story.
I hope all your personal stuff gets taken care of and you can resume writing again soon! Don't feel obligated to resume this project before you're ready. Wishing you the best.


Really enjoyed Scout so far. Wishing you the best with everything going on. <3

Wow just wow! completed the current version of the story and it's a masterpiece

I'm dying from anticipation for next chapters already I really hope you find the time to complete it sooner 


Could you make it possible to download the save file? I'd like to. Anyway, the game's story is amazing and incredibly well-written, I loved it so far <3


Really enjoying the story. Found a small typo, I think in Chapter Four: "0 joy ride ended up with her getting lost? " I am pretty sure that zero is not intentional.

I can't wait to find out what happens next!


This is AMAZING! I understand you are taking a break, and you deserve it! :) I just cannot wait for this to be finished. I know I will play this over and over again to try all the different options! You are fantastic at writing. I wish you luck in your personal life, I also work full time and go to college full time, so I understand. :) I look forward to the finished product though!

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